Monday, May 19, 2008

I Heart Seattle

10 local activities my family MUST do this summer:

1. Buy fresh produce at the West Seattle farmer's market
2. Go rockclimbing at Camp Long
3. Attend the local community parades (not the Seattle one- too crowded for me)

4. Watch the Blue Angels (all of the practices and shows they do- we LOVE these guys!)
5. Go to a movie at the Auburn Drive In

6. Build a milk carton boat for the derby at Greenlake
7. Watch the Seafair pirates storm Alki Beach

8. Explore the Ballard Locks
9. Go camping in the Olympic National Rainforest
10. Attend the Bon Odori Japanese Cherry Blossom festival
11. Go canoeing in Lake Washington

12. Play at the super water slides at Lake Chelan
13. Visit the gorillas at the Woodland Park Zoo

OK, that was thirteen things, not ten; but I couldn't help it! Seattle is so fun when the sun comes out!