Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids these days

my 6 year old son has been getting interested in photography lately, and these three pictures are all ones he took and edited (little bit of help from me on the computer part) and wanted me to put on my blog. he even wanted me to sell the pictures on Etsy. :)

Isn't it funny- for me, growing up, we did not have digital cameras. or blogs. or even the internet and email. nor did my mom ever sell handmade goods to customers that live halfway around the world. But for our kids, that's how it's always been.

This generation of kids have a lifestyle that is so different from ours while growing up. (and I'm not even thirty years old yet!) New technology. Incredible medical advances and inventions. (they were in awe when I was telling them what chicken pox was!) But, there are also things kids have to deal with that we didn't. war. terrorism. (sharkboy was born 6 weeks after 9/11 happened; so he has always grown up knowing about what happened to the people on the airplanes and in the WTC buildings.)

It's gotta be scary growing up with the things going on in this world today. It's even scarier trying to parent in this type of world too. Although, I bet our parents felt the same way with us; and our kids will think the same way when they become parents too.


MrsDragon said...

I love that shot of his shadow! : ) He's got a great eye.