Thursday, March 27, 2008

why another blog in this blog-clogged world?!

I know. another blog added to the blog-clogged web world. but, blogs are fun and babyhoot. has gotta have one too!

This blog will focus on... our babyhoot. business. crafty stuff for kids. funny things the kids do and say. new products we've launched. recipes we want to try. pretty much, whatever is on our mind!

so what's on my mind today? a couple of things- my sister Christina is moving from Milwaukee to Syracuse in May, which was NOT what we were all hoping for (but when your husband is entering the surgical world of orthopedics, one takes the residency where one is matched to. so it's Syracuse and not Portland.) but she and her hubby are driving out here for the whole month of April!

what else? my daughter Sweetpea wants a Hogwarts-style 4th birthday party; and being the ultimate over achiever I am, there's no way I'll just buy Harry Potter paper plates and call it good. I've got to come up with all new ideas myself and make it creative and fun. So tonight, I'll be researching ways to create a chocolate chip cake that looks like the Hogwarts Castle.

This should be fun. :) I like a challenge!

Have you noticed that Hogwarts looks pretty similar to this building in Syracuse NY (Columbus Circle, circa 1900)?